​In PolyFame Technologies Inc. , we offer a new revolutionary industry production system through a machinery integration process by partnering with qualified South Korean manufacturing company.  

By using north American know-how and component and integration and assembling of machine components to a turnkey project we are enable any customer to invest into new project with high quality and at affordable prices.
PolyFame has gathered a group of highly technical specialists from different corners of the plastic industry,  whom raised in the factory floor with decades of experience in designing the most sophisticated production line not only in North America but internationally .
We pride ourselves on our customer service, knowing our clients’ key production factors, cost efficiency and quality targets, and our service will continue to after-sales period as PolyFame is committed to work to find solutions to our customers’ application, production and machinery operating challenges.


Smart technology that we share the wonder!
  1. Hydraulic Screen Changer
    Hydraulic Screen Changer
    Hydraulic screen changer may be come in different design. It generally consists of a sliding plate that houses two breaker plate/screen pack assemblies. One assembly is in the flow stream to provide melt filtering. The other is located outside of the flow stream and is accessible for removal, cleaning, and replacing for later use. When it is time to change screens, the screen changer is activated hydraulically and slides the clean assembly into the flow stream and the used assembly into the cleaning position.
  2. Twin Screws and Barrels
    Twin Screws and Barrels
    Twin screw extrusion is used extensively for mixing, compounding, or reacting raw materials. The flexibility of twin screw extrusion equipment allows this operation to be designed specifically for the formulation being processed. Two screws may be corotating or counterrotating, intermeshing or non-intermeshing. In addition, the configurations of the screws themselves may be varied using forward conveying elements, reverse conveying elements, kneading blocks, and other designs in order to achieve particular mixing characteristics.
  3. Single Feed Screw & Barrels
    Single Feed Screw & Barrels
    There are many different screw designs, but most screws have three primary sections: feed, compression, and metering section. Our screws generally are constructed of 4140 steel. For certain polymers, particularly those that require high temperature or are highly corrosive, special metal alloys are used. Additionally, flight tip hardening can extend screw life.
  4. Continuous mesh belt screen change
    Continuous mesh belt screen change
    This series screen changer is consisted of screen changer body, heating/cooling system, electric control system, etc. The control system allows change in filtration time and speed automatically. Provide excellent output stability, product has no deformation, quality stability. The filter length can be customized and can be used continuously for 2-6 months.
  1. TCU Temperature Controller Unit
    TCU Temperature Controller Unit
    Our water temperature controllers use water as heating medium and processes under direct cooling method for heating up to 120℃ and our TCU oil circulation temperature controller use heat transfer oil as heating medium and processes under indirect cooling method for heating up, the highest temperature can reach 200℃.
  2. Manual Screen Changer
    Manual Screen Changer
    Manual Screen changers are designed to minimize extruder downtime compared to changing screen packs by disassembling the head. When it is time to change screens, by using the handle, screen changer manually slides the clean screen pack into the flow stream and the used clean screen pack into the cleaning position.
  3. Blown Film Die Head
    Blown Film Die Head
    A die head in polymer processing is a metal channel capable of providing a constant cross sectional profile to a stream of molten polymer. This allows for continuous processing of shapes such as sheets, films, pipes, rods, and other more complex profiles. This is a continuous process, allowing for constant production.
  4. Air Ring
    Air Ring
    Single lip air rings are used with materials that are run with a reasonably stable bubble, such as low density polyethylene. High density polyethylene, which typically runs with a high stalk, also is usually run with single lip air rings. Dual lip systems are used with materials that are more prone to bubble instabilities, such as linear low-density polyethylene. This design provides airflow to both cool the bubble and aerodynamically stabilize it.

Recycling Technology

Human friendly, Robust, Affordable!
Granulators Series

Granulator is a high speed, normally open rotor knife mill designed to take larger components of feed stock (such as plastics, bottles, organics, etc.) and reduce them to a particle size of approximately 40 mesh to less than 3mm chip. And while many granulators are used for processing of material outputs of greater than 3mm, it remains that their primary place is in the reduction to the finer grains.
Sound Proof Grinders

Comes with built-in enclosures: to ensure that the machine noise reduction, and come with simple tool for the adjustments of the frame, the entire tool change process in the crusher, fixed knife and rotary cutter with high tensile strength steel, allows regrinding of the knife for many times.
Efficient feeding mode: Due to the unique rotor design, even if it is a continuous feeding, crushing chamber will not be clogged.
Crushers – Mold Series

Mold Series low-speed crusher series, specially designed for crushing of waste plastic generated in the molding process. The material is feed to the granulator through feed port, according to the crushing of the material, a variety of feed port for options. The most common advantages of this models are; Such as low noise and improved performance.